Kalynn Ogle

UI/UX Designer


Destiny App Redesign

UI/UX Design

Fox Fable Album Art

Graphic Design

NSAC 2016 Competition: Snapple

UI/UX Design, Graphic Design

Production: Captain Quantum

Game Design, UI/UX Design

Chatbot Design for a Messenger App

Graphic Design, UI Design


Some specific tidbits about my experience.

Web Design

I have assisted with freelance web design work before and I have experience with creating ads for webpages as well as mockups for developers based on wireframes.

User Experience

I have briefly studied user testing and user experience design. I am passionate about and interested in learning more about creating a survey based study, conducting user testing, analyzing results, creating wireframes based on user experience, etc.

User Interface

I can use knowledge of layout and design, coupled with user experience information or wireframes, to create a mockup design or prototype in an appropriate theme.

Project Management

I have been a lead for most of my group based projects in school. I love organization and keeping up with each member. I am also able to pick up extra work if a member is behind.












Work Experience

  • May 2017

    Clayton Homes Corporate Office

    Digital Content Specialist

    I am responsible for developing and implementing digital content for public websites.

  • June 2015
    May 2017

    Clayton Homes Corporate Office

    Junior Web Designer

    I worked with the design team to add in floorplans to an in house application used to preview what different home design choices look like. Along with working with the programming team to make sure that naming conventions and consistency are used, I also talk with a third party agency who helps provide the items needed for the application. I also work with a few different 3D programs to create visualizations of the floorplans.

  • Aug. 2014
    June 2015

    Clayton Homes


    I created SVGs of floorplans to be used by an in house application. I also kept in touch with team lead over contracting to ensure good communication and timely delivery of invoices.

  • May 2014
    Aug. 2014

    Clayton Homes

    Graphic Design Intern

    I worked with members of the Digital Marketing team to create two infographics based on surveys conducted. I recreated previous newletter design to be used as a banner on websites. I followed instructions to help other team members. I created a 3-D render of a promoted home. Last but not least, I trained on how to create SVGs of floorplans to be used by an in house application.


  • August 2012
    May 2017

    East Tennessee State University

    Bachelor's of Science, Digital Media

    Visualization Concentration
    East Tennessee State University
    Johnson City, TN | 2017

About me

Here's just a little bit about myself.

Kalynn Ogle

UI/UX Designer

I went to East Tennessee State University and studied Digital Media. My focus was in visualization, which allowed me to explore the many different facets of visualization within my major. Thanks to this, I have experience in a variety of things such as digital illustration, asset creation, 3D modeling, graphic design, media design within a digital platform, layout design, and web design. Though I've learned a lot, my real passion is UI/UX design.

The beautiful thing about UI/UX design is it can encompass so many different things. There are user experience designers which could mean doing user research, testing, wireframe creation based on reasearch, etc. User experience design let's me focus solely on how the user will interact with a certain design or product, with an emphasis on enhancing their experience. On a similar note, user interface design let's me put the user studies into action by bringing a design to life. This could mean anything from creating a mock up of the design to a visualization of how the product should behave to a prototype to creating the functionality. It's such a wonderful topic that is so prevalent in the modern world.

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